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  • Carlos
  • Sarangi
  • Henil
  • Vidhi
  • Niyati
  • Diya
  • Hansvi
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  • Khushi

Saint Pauls Dance Competition

As a warm up, all schools got up on stage and followed the St Pauls RC school children's dance moves. All of the children had smiles on their faces and the energy in the room was electric.  For practice, all of the schools who were competing rehearsed behind shutters to keep it a suprise. During the practice rehearsal, the whole team showed great enthusiam by showing fully strong moves.

Everyone was excited and confident for their peformance!

When it was our time to peform, we danced fiercly with power and an postive attitude. We were switched on and danced the choreography to perfection. 

Sports Match Results 2023/24

Girls Football Match Results

(This was a friendly match and the goals were in corners of the pitch)

Rushey Mead 3 - 1 Catherine

An amazing tackle by Sarangi and a brilliant kick by Priyanshi.

Sarangi almost scored a great goal.

Great kick by Khushi.

In the last few minutes Sarangi was able to score an astonishing goal!

Girls Football League Table

Boys Football Match Results

(This was a friendly match and the goals were in corners of the pitch)

Rushed Mead Primary 3 v 0 Catherine

Throughout the game, Abbay had great control over the ball

and just when Rushey were about to score a goal, Riley blocked it!




  • 5.2.24                               Boys football match                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Catherine 0 vs 2 St Marys
  •                  Great pass by Iliyas                                                                                                                            
  •                     Good block by Ansh, the goalie 
  •                     Brilliant headed pass by Prince 
  •                  Conceeded a goal 
  •                  Fantastic tackle by Madhur
  •                  Good positions by whole team
  •                  Iliyas tracked back and made an excellent tackle
  •                  Amazing close goal by Madhur

                                         Catherine 0 vs 4 Inglehurst

  •                   Mr Feroz was craving Chaiwala and Mr Duffin was singing 'Lean on me'
  •                   Good kick by Veer
  •                   Good kick by Bren 
  •                   Great tackle by Madhur
  •                   Great save by Prince, bottom corner
  •                   Iliyas had good controll over the ball
  •                   High kick by the goalie, Prince
  •                   Abhay hit the post with a brilliant strike at goal
    • The scoreline doesn't reflect the way the team played, especially in the second half.

Boys Football League Table

Reported by Jiya and Hetali.