At Catherine Junior School, our curriculum is designed to provide, through inspiring and engaging experiences, the knowledge and skills to become independent, life-long learners. We recognise that geography is essential to everyday life; critical to the development and understanding of our place in society and the world around us locally, nationally and globally. Our intent is to stimulate the children’s curiosity so that they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of geography.


Aims and Objectives

We believe that every child can master an understanding and love of geography, with the right teaching and support. At Catherine Junior School, we have high expectations to enable excellence for all and we base our teaching on the belief that all children have the potential to succeed. All aspects of our eight values in the Catherine Code underpin our curriculum, which promotes our school motto and ethos of ‘Together, we can do it!’ Our curriculum is led by our whole school core principles of oracy, reading, experiences and memory and recall.


We aim to develop learners who:

  • Are curious to learn about and be fascinated by the world and its people.
  • Inquire and investigate natural and human aspects of their local and global environment.
  • Communicate and express their learning using Oracy skills in a variety of ways.
  • Develop and acquire geographical knowledge and fieldwork skills to better understand the world they live in through using a variety of research, experiences and reading skills.
  • Understand the Earth’s key physical and human processes and the links between them.
  • Expand their knowledge of the formation and use of landscapes and environments.
  • Connect knowledge to earlier geography work and recall what they already know to apply to new areas of learning.
  • Have a growth mindset and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude towards the subject of geography.
  • Use the Catherine Code to develop character traits and are supportive, resilient, collaborative, enthusiastic, motivated, respectful, thoughtful and valued.


Geography Long Term Plan

Geography Subject Progression