At Catherine Junior School, our curriculum is designed to provide, through inspiring and engaging experiences, the knowledge and skills to become independent, life-long learners.

We believe that learning a foreign language provides an opening to other cultures. Languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. The teaching should enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing. It should also provide opportunities for them to communicate for practical purposes, learn new ways of thinking and read books in the original language. Language teaching should provide the foundation for learning further languages.

French is taught in 3 units per year group. Phonics skills are being taught as separate lessons and applied throughout the teaching of each unit. Each unit lasts approximately one half term.

We teach French by focussing on the skills of oracy, literacy, phonics, language learning skills and knowledge about language.


Aims and Objectives

We believe that every child can master an understanding and love of French, with the right kind of teaching and support. At Catherine Junior School, we have high expectations to enable excellence for all and we base our teaching on the belief that all children have the potential to succeed. All aspects of our eight values in the Catherine Code underpin our curriculum, which promotes our school motto and ethos of ‘Together, we can do it!’ Our curriculum is led by our whole school core principles of oracy, reading, experiences and memory and recall.


We aim to develop learners who:

  • Understand and respond to spoken language and read written language from a variety of sources.
  • Speak using oracy skills with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussion and asking questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation.
  • Can write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt.
  • Discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in the language studied.
  • Connect knowledge to other things they have learnt and recall what they already know to apply knowledge gained. 
  • Are encouraged to see that languages surround them in every day experiences and find pleasure in developing vital life skills in this subject.
  • Have a growth mindset and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude towards the subject of French.
  • Use the Catherine Code and are supportive, resilient, collaborative, enthusiastic, motivated, respectful, thoughtful and valued.


French Long Term Plan

French Subject Progression