Catherine Junior School

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Additional Information

Parental Responsibility

If you have parental responsibility for your child but live apart from each other, you are still entitled to information about their progress and participation in events at school.  If you would like to receive a copy of their annual report, copies of school photos or information on assemblies and exhibitions please e-mail Miss Debbie Whitfield to for more information.


Keeping your child safe on-line

For help and guidance on keeping your child safe on the internet please read the guidelines below:


Year 6 transfer to Secondary School information

Please click on the link below the latest information on secondary transfer

Admission to secondary school


Adverse weather conditions (click on link below for info)

Adverse weather conditions.pdf



When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher's instructions and the induction to the lesson. Your child may also embarrassed at having to enter the classrooms late.

Minutes late per day during the school year/days lost

5 Minutes/3.4 days

10 Minutes/6.9 days

15 Minutes/10.3 days

20 Minutes/13.8 days

Please help your child to be punctual.

Holidays are fine - just not in term time!

There are 365 days in a calendar year. Your child is expected to attend just 190 days AT SCHOOL.

This means there are 175 days for holidays, birthday treats, special events with families, and non-urgent appointments.