Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!

Let’s all take the Route to Resilience!

What’s it all about?

Route to Resilience is an exciting, whole school project which we are thrilled to be part of this year. The project is led by Steve Harris from Wellbeing Education (see link below) and we are working alongside a number of other primary and secondary schools in Leicester. Route to Resilience is an evidence-based, practical approach to supporting emotional well being by building resilience and character in children. We believe that working on our character strengths (such as honesty, integrity and kindness) will not only support academic success, but will lead to happy children who have resilience in life and learning.

Social and emotional well-being is a crucial part of helping our children to cope with the pressures they face as they grow up.  The work on character strengths follows on from our work on the Catherine Code and Growth Mindset. Through work in assemblies, activities to support the development of character strengths and our Pupil of the Week badges linking to children demonstrating particular character strengths, the children are learning about what it means to have integrity, to be honest or show enthusiasm.

For a great overview of why we have taken on this project, search for ‘Science of Character’ on Youtube or watch the video below – it’s highly recommend viewing!

Our CJS Character Strengths

Though there are many different character strengths, our chosen CJS Character Strengths are: