Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!

Clean Air Day 2019

We had a great day during Clean Air day whilst the road was closed. We did different activities outside and in school, we focused on developing different character strengths in year 6 which included: kindness, collaboration, creativity and self-control.

Pro Kick 2019

Chick Pictures

We had fun handling these adorable chicks- it was so calming and a great experience to handle them and watch them fall asleep in our hands (if they loved us!)

PBL Launch

A launch to our Summer PBL project: what is a Healthy Lifestyle! We had fun doing different activities such as making a fruit salad, playing quick cricket, dancing, doing yoga and some mindfulness colouring.

The next day, we began the project by dissecting a heart to look at the different parts of it!

Drayton Manor

A well-deserved day out at Drayton Manor!

SATS Pictures

A photograph of us enjoying the end of SATs on a sunny day. Well done for all of your hard work, year 6!

Well done and a big congratulations for all your efforts in year 6. Their progress is accelerating and they continue to show their hard work in everything they do. We are so proud of you! Enjoy your kindles. 

PBL project – What Factors Contribute to Endangering Animals?

At the start of this term, we had a great launch to our PBL project – What Factors Contribute to Endangering Animals? We had a visit from The Party Animals, a team of amazing people that brought in some fantastic animals for us to learn about. We got to handle these animals and ask lots of questions too!

Thank you to all who attended our PBL exhibition for our project ‘Why is WW1 Significant in British History?’ We hope you enjoyed our presentations on answering this question.

Year 6 Trip to the National Memorial Arboretum

As part of our PBL project (Why is WW1 Significant in British History?), Year 6 visited the National Memorial Arboretum in Stoke-on-Trent. We looked at the memorials dedicated to service men and women who played an important part across both the world wars as well as battles fought during important moments in our history. We worked hard to be thoughtful and respectful on this trip and appreciated the importance of remembering all those who sacrifice their lives and remain brave.

WW1 Assembly: ‘Lest We Forget…’

This was an assembly for titled ‘Let we Forget…’ to coincide with Armistice week and the upcoming Centenary of World War 1.

The assembly dealt with the importance of remembering and passing stories on. There were 2 workshop leaders delivering this assembly: 1 was a narrator and the other played the part of a WW1 nurse, Violet Gossett, whose scrapbook was discovered in an attic a few years ago. Violet told the stories of the people that she met and kept record of in her scrapbook (it’s based on a true story).

Some very helpful year 6s played the parts of some of the people from violet’s story- they did an excellent job at their role play and contributed to the success of this whole school assembly (which linked in very well to our year 6 PBL project).

Oracy in Year 6

In Year 6, we have been using the Oracy strands and Talking Roles to help us become better speakers, especially during discussion and debates.

Year 6 Residential

At the start of this academic year, some children from year 6 went on the annual residential trip to Manor Adventure in Shropshire. They stayed there for the whole week and took part in various activities which included: abseiling, canoeing, kayaking, fencing, zip line and other activities that focused on vital skills and experiences such as developing independence, motivation, developing a responsible attitude and skills focusing on team building.  

Here are a few reflections on the experience from some of the children: