Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!


Crime and Punishment

In PBL we have been looking at crime and punishment through the ages and asking whether or not the punishment given to criminals should always fit the crime they have committed. We have been looking at modern day punishments recently and had a visit from the local police. We were able to ask them questions about crime and punishment in the local area, find out about their day to day responsibilities and even got to have a look at a police car!

Moon Display

Over the past few weeks, year 5 have visited the moon that is on display in the Belgrave neighbourhood centre. Whilst we were there, we took part in a workshop ran by The National Space centre. We learnt all about the different phases of the moon as well as some interesting facts about space travel! We also created our very own phases of the moon wheel to help us spot what phase the moon is in!

Religious Education


In R.E we have been looking at Hinduism, in order to help us understand a little more about the religion we visited a Mandir. We learnt all about many of the different Gods and Goddesses as well as more about the faith itself! On our way back from the temple, we handed out Diwali cards that we had made to people on Belgrave road!

No Pens Wednesday

Today we went a whole day without using our pens (or pencils)! In English we debated whether Jim Jarvis in our novel, Street Child, would be better off living on the streets or in the workhouse. We had group debates and came to a shared agreement.

In Maths we used a debate technique called PEEL (Point Explanation Example Link) to explain our ideas. We then used equipment to show examples of our explanations.

In PBL we acted out Tudor crime and punishments! Some of them were very cruel. Did you know if someone was caught gossiping, they would have to wear a metal cage on their head to stop them from talking!