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Health and Well-being Festival

Fourteen Year 4 children were chosen to go, for a whole school day, on a special PE related visit to WQE College at the start of March 2022. There were activities, games and even a fruit smoothie maker that was manually operated. The children had so much fun and represented CJS very well.

Class Darwin have been reading the book 'Enter The Penguin' by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore. This book is part of the I Hero collection where you get to make choices about what happens next.

For World Book Day, we all dressed up as Ninja Penguins who learnt awesome ninja skills from our masters in Japan. We live our lives by following the Way of The Ninja Penguin. Just yesterday, we saved a village of seals from the evil villain, Daddy Bear and his gang of bandits.

World Book Day 2022 - The Bad Guys

Year 4 Music Performance

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Year 4 had an amazing time experiencing what life was like during the Roman era. 

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Christmas Assembly

To watch our Christmas assembly, please sign into your school google account before viewing.

Children in Year 4 have been exploring how different bodies work as part of their Project Based Learning.  Why don't you have a look at some of their presentations to learn about how the bodies of different animals work?