Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!

Character Strengths

On Friday 21st June, children across the whole school learnt about character strengths and importance of clean air. Year 3 children enjoyed a morning of learning about character strength in a fun and interactive way. They learnt about Honesty, Resilience, Ambition and Curiosity.

PBL - Why is colour important in nature?

Year 3 enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day at Startford Butterfly Farm where they learned about the importance of colour in nature as part of their PBL project this summer.


How was ancient Egypt a civilisation?

On Friday 8th March, Year 3 had their wonderful PBL exhibition to showcase what they had learnt about ancient Egypt to answer the question: How was ancient Egypt a civilisation?

Parents and pupils participated in fun activities to learn more about the topic. This was a very enjoyable experience for all.

Thank you again to all the friends and family who managed to visit the exhibition.

Physical Education in the sunshine

On Tuesday 26th February, Year 3 children and the PE team embraced the lovely, sunny weather to do outdoor activities as part of their PE lesson. The children were excited and enjoyed the different sessions.

Maths – Measuring mass

On Monday 25th February, Year 3 had 4 activity carousels begin to learn about measuring the mass of objects using weighing scales. They also used grams and kilograms to compare the mass of different objects and people. 

New Walk Museum Visit

This week, Year 3 have been visiting New Walk Museum as part of their PBL. They explored the Ancient Egyptian’s lifestyle and rituals by looking at different artefacts and learning about their uses; dressing up as Ancient Egyptians, performing the mummifying process, sorting a meal for an average day. They learnt the reason why we must be very respectful around actual mummies: there were humans buried in those sarcophagus. We thought about how that related to the way Howard Carter behaved.

Which is the best place to live: City or Countryside?

On 7th December, Year 3 had an exhibition to showcase all their hard work and knowledge on their project ‘Which is the best place to live: City or Countryside?’ The children compared both and decided where they preferred to live through a debate. Thank you to all the parents who managed to visit the exhibition.

Diwali Assembly

Year 3 performed an impressive assembly to parents, the whole school and Year 1 students from The Latimer Primary School. They took on the roles from Ramayana to tell the story of Diwali. They sang Diwali songs and danced lively to celebrate the festival of Diwali.

Author Visit

Year 3 had an interesting afternoon with Tom Percival, author of Little Legends. Tom shared his process of creating and drawing his characters along with coming up with an exciting plot for his stories. The children were given an opportunity to create and draw their own characters with Tom’s guidance.

Bradgate Park

Year 3 visited Bradgate Park and Newtown Linford, as part of their PBL project, to help them compare the city to the countryside.