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Sports Match Results

Girls Football Match Results

Game day 1 

Forest Lodge 2 v 0 Catherine

Aniya tried to get the ball from the opponent but couldn’t seem to get it. The first match was impressive considering that they hadn’t played for weeks.

Catherine 1 v 1 St Mary

Jeals and Rutika had changed their game in this match and got more chances at scoring. Jeals came in with a lot of power and scored! Jeals also blocked the ball from going into the goal.

Mowmacre 1 v 0 Catherine

 Rutika gave an excellent pass to Jeals as an attempt to score. There was great communication between Aniya and Priya while defending. A good tackle had been made by Natalia. That was the same with Nijah.

Catherine 1 v 1 Woodstock

(This match was a friendly game, so it won’t count on the league table)

Rutika made a great tackle which set back the opposition. Nijah made such a good pass, the whole opposition team got distracted. A great save had been made by the goalkeeper - Tani. In the last 10 seconds, Jeals was able to score the best goal of all 4 matches today!


Game day 2

Queensmead 2 v 0 Catherine

Siya made a great block and saved the ball from going to the goal. Tani also made a great block with 1 leg! Alisha made 2 impossible saves as the goalkeeper. Tani was the most impressive player in the match, in terms of tackling.

Parks 2 v 0 Catherine

Tani made a wonderful block. Alisha made two awesome passes.

Mowmacre 0 v 0 Catherine

(This match was a friendly game, so it won’t count on the league table)

Tani did great dribbling and was able to get the ball from the goal to the middle! Alisha made an outstanding pass from a goal kick! Tani tried her best to block the ball. Priya also did some great dribbling.

Girls Football League Table

Boys Football Match Results


Game day 1 

Inglehurst 4 v 0 Catherine

Hammad did a great tackle on the opponent and his behaviour was impressive. Manvik then did an incredible pass to his teammate but still could not score. Teerth made an amazing save and the opponent had no chance to score.

Parks B 0 v 0 Catherine 

Another great save was needed by Teerth and he didn’t fail to deliver. Hammad again made a fabulous block on the other team. Catherine made a record of 7 corners in 1 game!

Forestlodge 4 v 1 Catherine

Teerth again makes such an amazing save! Rudra gets 2 good attempts to score but the keeper saves both attempts. Madhur has a great attempt at scoring and SCORES!!!

Game day 2

Catherine 2 v 0 Heatherbrook

Rudra made a good tackle and tried his best to get victory. There was a great amount of teamwork between the players of Catherine and also helped to win. Manvik scores an epic goal and didn’t fail to impress. A great tackle was made by Hammad. Manvik scores another great goal! Shubam made a great tackle and pass. Ayden made an amazing pass.

Stokes . Wood oranges 2 v 0 Catherine

Teerth made a great save at the start of the game. Excellent communication between Shubam and Ayden. Teerth saved yet another goal for Catherine! Rudra got a great attempt to score but the opposite goal keeper saved it. Nathaniel, Muhammed, and Biser had amazing collaboration throughout the match.

Queensmead 7 v 0 Catherine

Teerth made another great save at the start of the game! Nathaniel made a great block and took the ball off them. A strong block was made by Biser and a great tackle was also made by Hammad. "In the first few minutes of the match, the passing was amazing,” reported Mr Duffin.

Boys Football League Table

Reported by Misha and Darsh.