Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!

How Change Is Shown Through Art

This week the children in year 6 showed off their amazing artistic skills and exhibited some fantastic pieces of art which were created when exploring 'how change is shown through art.'  The children led a variety of workshops to demonstrate the various skills that have been learnt.  Well done year 6!

Year 6 Investigation

Year 6 have been making interesting discoveries through maths investigations and working systematically:

How many handshakes are needed for 10 people to shake hands with each other?

Is there a formula we can use, so we can calculate the number of handshakes for everyone in school?

Number patterns within a pattern

Year 6 Exhibition

The autumn project for Year six has been ‘Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?’

This week, Year six thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their learning in the project exhibition.

The children worked in campaign groups to promote a healthy lifestyle through: persuasive leaflets, speeches, poems, posters, videos, letters and interactive games. The exhibition was supported by a large number of parents and carers, who enjoyed participating in a wide range of activities.