Catherine Junior School

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Curriculum Planning - Autumn Term 2016

Project title: Why do we remember?
Teachers: Mrs Zair, Miss Kitson, Mrs Jones, Mr Banham, Mr Mistry
Year group: 6
Key subject foci for the project: English, History, Art, PSHE
Essential questions (should inspire, require serious research, relate to real world issues)
Why do we remember?
How do we remember?
What sorts of things do we remember and why?
Project summary:
The project will start with the children’s own memories and thinking about why those things have been remembered. We will look at different types of memory, how they work and how they can be improved. Throughout the project, the children will be developing their memory skills and learning techniques that could help them. The second part of the project will focus on why we remember ‘national events’, in particular, the war. We will use the poppy installation at the Tower of London as inspiration for our final outcome.