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Curriculum Planning - Autumn Term 2016

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Project title: Is a good leader always a good person?


Teachers: Mr Stapleford, Mr Brazier, Ms Stevenson, Miss Khodiyara, Mrs Deacon


Year group: 4


Key subject foci for the project: English, History, Art, Geography, D/T.


Essential questions: (should inspire, require serious research, relate to real world issues)

 What is a good leader? What makes a good leader? What are the qualities of a good leader? Who are the Romans? 

Where did they live? Where did they conquer? How did the Romans live? What did they wear?


Project Summary:


Children will be investigating leadership and what makes a good leader. We will look at the qualities they may possess in order to succeed, study famous leaders of the past and present and link in to historical leaders including the Romans.

Children will be asked to study and create a variety of Roman artefacts, write an application to become a Roman soldier and create a battle scene among other things.



Leadership qualities afternoon looking at different styles of leadership during a variety of fun games. 


Final Outcome - What is the product? (create, do, write, build, including opportunities to exhibit work and presentations of learning.)


To develop the children’s understanding of what makes a good leader, the qualities they must possess and how different people, famous and not, have these qualities.



Parents invited to look at drama of battle scenes from the Romans and speeches / presentations of which qualities make a good leader. 

 to attend their gallery exhibition.