Catherine Junior School

Together, we can do it!

Bollywood Dance

Some children from year 4 worked with a professional dance choreographer from the Bollywood dance company Shaimak. In only 5 sessions they learnt and rehearsed all the moves to perform to the song "Galti se Mistake" at The Curve Theatre as part of Shaimak's show "The Spirit of India". The energy and excitement was incredible and the little stars were amazing on the big stage!

Visiting Artist

As part of our PBL unit, “What makes Art?” each class in Year Four had the exciting opportunity of taking part in an art workshop. They were able to work with a local professional artist, Linda in the week of the 4th June. The year group were introduced to a new technique called wax resist using liquid watercolours. The children produced an individual piece of art using the technique as well as contributing to a whole year group mosaic-style mural which are all to be exhibited at the exhibition of learning during the afternoon of the 25th June.

Trip to Abbey Park

Our trip to Abbey Park was an exciting opportunity to discover the beauty and peaceful area that is so close to our school. We also went to look at the potential dangers in the park that we could use as part of our writing of “A Warning Tale.” We looked at the various features in the park for example the weir, river, canal, mini railway and ruins. While there, we discussed the potential dangers these features could present and how we could use these in our writing.

Year Four PBL Launch – “What Makes Art?”

For our launch on Monday 23rd April year four went out on a visit to New Walk Museum. It was an exciting morning as the children were able to view a wide variety of different styles of art, sculpture and displays. During the morning they had the opportunity to sketch, admire the art and decide which were their favourite paintings and reasons why they liked them.

Year Four trip to The Botanic Gardens

On Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th January year four visited Leicester Botanic Gardens in Oadby as part of their PBL work and to help answer the question “How far does our food travel?”. The day was really exciting, well planned and provided many interesting activities for them to take part in.

During the afternoon, the children learnt about plants when they took part in a plant hunt around the beautiful gardens. From this they found out about what particular plants looked like, how they can be used for food, medicine or shelter and where they come from in the world. It helped the children think about food miles - the distances that different foods are transported around the world for them to be able to eat.

A highlight from the day for many children was the making of fruit kebabs which they were allowed to eat afterwards. This provided the children with the opportunity to try tasting foods they had never seen or tried before.

All the children said they had enjoyed the day.  The staff at the gardens complimented us on how polite and well behaved the children were.

Thank you parents, you should be very proud of your children.

Year 4 Exhibition

On Monday 11th December Year four welcomed parents to their exhibition.

It was an enjoyable afternoon where the parents joined in and experienced a variety

of activities relating to the project question “What makes a good leader?”

The whole experience was warmly received by the parents and the children thoroughly

appreciated sharing their knowledge.