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Is It Ever Right to Break the Rules?

At the end of the Spring term, we had an exhibition to celebrate and showcase our learning through our project: ‘Is It Ever Right to Break the Rules?’ We held a surprise march during lunchtime and played the Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where is the Love?’ whilst holding our banners. This was to grab the attention of the staff and children in the playground and remind them about our exhibition after school.
At the end of that day, we invited our parents along and performed speeches and songs. We role-played as three famous rule-breakers: Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks and Emily Wilding Davison and read out speeches that explained why rule-breaking was important. We then performed Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ and handed out leaflets to share our learning through the project and explain why rule breaking is sometimes important and vital in creating positive change and getting out voices heard in our communities and around the world

Year 5 - 'What is Treasure'

Year 5 children held an exhibition in the school hall on Monday 14th March.  This term's project has been 'What is Treasure' and the children have been exploring areas of their lives which they treasure.  All their work was on display at the exhibition and the parents really enjoyed reading about it.  

The children made pencil cases, money boxes and friendship bracelets as well as organising various games.

Year 3 Whose Story is History? Exhibition notes

On Friday 12th December, our year 3 pupils unveiled their unique pieces of art. Each pupil’s canvas was drafted, critiqued, redrafted and completed to show elements of their own personal history. The pupils shared their final pieces of work alongside their Project Based Learning books in order to show the knowledge, understanding and skills they learnt during the project, and which ultimately led to the final piece they created.

We were very lucky to be joined by parents, governors, teachers and pupils from Year 5 and the pupils were able to present their work and describe what they had achieved.

The pupils are very proud of their creations and look forward to embarking on the next project and inviting families to the Spring term exhibition. We hope to see you there!






Year 3 Exhibition - Who are we?

This term Year 3's topic was all about finding basic details about ourselves.  This covered all aspects about other peoples culture, religion and lifestyle.





Year 5 Exhibition - 'What is treasure'

Year 5 have completed a project called 'What is treasure?'  At our exhibition visitors could listed to speeches, play games to raise money for the Tilinanu Orphanage and guide dogs, look at displays of children's work and even taste sima. (18/3/15)




Images Below are from Is It Ever Right to Break the Rules?